Celebrity Butt Augmentation News

The way celebrities look on the red carpet, as well in other public appearances, is always being analyzed by celebrity experts and the general public. It’s not just their outfits that are examined on a daily basis. The bodies of stars are also examined with great attention paid to various body parts. Much of the fascination with celebrities is examining the way they look. Are their arms toned? Are their breasts real? Is that butt real or are those implants? Much time has been spent debating the real buttocks (or lack thereof) of various celebrities. Here are just a few stars that have celebrity watchers asking whether or not they have undergone butt augmentations:
Nicki Minaj is one star who is not afraid to flaunt her considerable booty. In fact, she released a single and video in the last year called “Anaconda” which celebrates her butt and puts her large behind front and center. Minaj has been asked many times about her butt and whether or not it has been augmented with butt implants or even a butt pad. Nicki has totally denied having any help in making her butt larger. She claims that her healthy backside is natural.
Jennifer Lopez made a big splash in the entertainment industry in the 90s. She started out as a dancer on the TV show “In Living Color” and then transitioned to a very successful music and acting career. From the first day she arrived on the scene, her butt has been the subject of much talk and speculation. In fact, her butt is so popular that J Lo has reportedly had it insured for the amount of $27-million dollars. Like so many other celebrities, Lopez has denied ever having any work done on her backside. She claims that her ample assets are the result of exercise and a healthy diet.
There are some celebrities who admit to having butt implants to help fill out their backside. Heidi Montag is best known for appearing on MTV’s “The Hills”. She is also well known for her changing looks thanks to plastic surgery. After augmenting her breasts with implants, she decided to make further changes to her body. She actually had ten (!) procedures in one day that included butt augmentation. So much work in one day was almost a fatal decision for her as she was given way too much Demerol while being worked on by doctors.

Jenna Jameson made a name for herself in the world of adult movies as one of the highest paid stars in the industry. She has retired from the world of porn but she still maintains the figure that made her famous. Around the time of her 38th birthday, Jameson decided to treat herself to a birthday present. Even though she is married and has twins, she decided that some work was needed on her body. She celebrated her birthday with a party where she proudly displayed her newly augmented behind for friends and the press to see.

The Kardashians are known for many things including their wealth, their ongoing relationship dramas, their love affair with TV cameras and their absolutely amazing behinds. Kim is certainly the center of attention when it comes to attention paid to the buttocks of the Kardashians. Her rather large behind (and a string of selfies showcasing it) put her on the celebrity map. However, she’s not the only member of the family known for her ample behind. It’s been speculated that Khloe has spent time getting silicone implants in her behind. Younger sister Kendall Jenner is not even out of her teens and is already the subject of gossip about having work done to augment her buttocks.

The list of celebrities suspected of having butt injections or implants continues to grow. From Rihanna to Lea Michele to Serena Williams to Christina Aguilera, stories surround these stars as the general public and gossip sites try and determine who has had butt implants and who is just working an ample butt thanks to genetics and nature. As long as there are celebrities appearing on television and in the movies with larger than normal butts, the speculation will continue about how they achieved their look. When it comes to celebrities on the red carpet, it’s always “butt watching” season in Hollywood.