Butt Lift: Removes skin that is sagging and reshapes the butt. The sagging skin is commonly caused by massive weight loss or the aging process. A butt lift is often performed as part of a lower body lift. A butt lift utilizes incisions along the top portion of the buttocks, and also under the buttocks, to allow the surgeon to lift the area.

Brazilian Butt Lift: A procedure designed to increase the curvature, fullness and overall roundness of the buttocks via the use of fat transferring.

Butt Enhancement: A procedure focused on making the buttocks more pleasing to the patient. The procedure can include adding fat to add more contour to the area as well as removing any excess skin (if necessary).

Butt Implants: Made of silicone. Butt implants are inserted into an incision that is made in the fold beneath the cheeks of the buttocks. The implants are placed between the bone and the muscle. The overall size of the implants depends on the current body of the patient as well as the final results desired by the patient.

Butt Enhancement Lipo: A procedure performed under anesthesia. The surgeon places a small incision in the crease of the butt in order to use a cannula to suction fat out of the buttocks. The procedure is effective in sculpting the buttocks and creating a smoother overall look.

Butt Contouring: Designed to give patients fuller buttocks through a couple of different approaches. The first choice is a butt lift (see above). The second choice is fat removal and fat repositioning (through the use of fat injections).

Butt Reduction: Performed by reducing fat in the butt and the surrounding areas through the use of liposuction. The reduction is often combined with lower back liposuction. Butt reduction aims to create a smaller butt that is more defined.

Cannula: A hollow tube that is used to remove fat during liposuction procedures. The tube is attached to a vacuum device and is used during butt augmentation procedures.

Fat Injection: Excess fat is removed from one area of the body and then filtered and injected back into the body. Fat injections are used quite frequently during butt augmentation procedures.

The above list covers many of the most popular techniques currently used by medical professionals. As medical procedures continue to evolve and improve, new techniques will be invented and existing techniques will be updated to reflect the improvements in modern medicine. As new discoveries and improvements are made in the field of butt augmentation and reduction, this list will be updated to reflect those changes.