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Can Butt Implants Really Explode?

Butt Implants Explode

Butt Implants ExplodeWith all of the concerns about breast implants leaking or rupturing, many people wonder if butt implants can do the same. After all, people certainly put more pressure on their derriere by sitting and squatting. The idea that butt implants really can explode is not too far-fetched to believe. Since there are so many myths and fabricated stories about this topic, here is a closer look at butt implants and their chances of exploding.

Fact or Fiction

According to NewsWatch33, a 27-year-old Boston woman was making an Instagram video of herself doing squats at the gym in an attempt to become famous for her 64-inch bountiful butt size. While doing the squats, she heard a loud pop. It was reported that her butt implants had exploded! She was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital where she was in a coma and needed extensive medical procedures to repair the damages. Her sister stated that the surgery to obtain the implants had taken place at an unlicensed clinic. While there are some risks involved with having butt implants, this story is a complete hoax. It was later determined that NewsWatch33 is an online, bogus news site with the primary focus of reeling people in with their false stories. Before it could be revealed as such, the story was recirculated by legitimate news outlets and websites. Lesson for the day: Know the real story before helping to spread a hoax.

Listen to the Surgeon

Ever since this ludicrous story hit the media, many plastic surgeons have been speaking out about the safety concerns of butt implants. Implants that are FDA-approved are made from a solid, rubber silicone which is soft and durable. Therefore, most surgeons say that it is almost impossible for butt implants to break or leak or explode in the manner stated in the story above. Once implants are in place and properly healed, the patient should have a full range of motion which is not hindered or hampered by any form of high impact exercise. Anyone who is considering buttock augmentation should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in the procedure. Patients who choose to have cosmetic surgeries from unlicensed or under-skilled surgeons have a higher risk of disfigurement or complications. This is often due to unsanitary conditions, improper technique by the surgeon or harmful substances used as the implant material. Consequently, patients should ensure that the surgeon is reputable and that the implant used is FDA-approved.

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