BBL alternatives - See nonsurgical butt augmentation options
BBL Alternatives – Nonsurgical Butt Augmentation Options
September 15, 2020
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January 29, 2021
Buttocks Reshaping

Buttocks reshaping means a doctor performs an augmentation and reshaping of the hip area and the waist to create a more contoured shape to the targeted area of the butt. Buttocks reshaping is also known as buttock augmentation and the changes to the body can be accomplished through butt implants or fat grafting (generally referred to as a Brazilian butt lift or BBL). Some doctors recommend a combination of fat grafting and implants for the best results.

Buttocks Reshaping – Ideal Candidate

Buttock Reshaping Ideal CandidateIdeal candidates for buttocks reshaping include patients that want to add some volume to the butt to get a better shape and contour to the backside. Good candidates also include someone with a butt that is flat or square in its shape and appearance but the person wants a butt that has a larger and more prominent appearance.

Buttocks Reshaping Techniques

Buttocks reshaping can be performed as an outpatient procedure or patients may require a small stay in the hospital (depending on the type of procedure that is performed and how much fat is removed).

Butt reshaping treatment options include:

  • During a butt implant procedure, incisions are made along the natural curves of the butt (in the areas where the cheeks meet the top of the thighs). A pocket is created near, or under, each gluteal muscle so silicone implants can be placed within the pockets. The surgeon closes the incisions using layered sutures.
  • During fat grafting, the surgeon performs liposuction in the targeted area of the body for fat removal. The removed fat is purified in order to separate the fat from the fluids that are also removed. The fat is injected into the buttocks using a layered technique. The surgeon also sculpts the newly transferred fat so it gives the butt a natural appearance.
  • Both of the procedures listed above can be performed at the same time in order to gain an even more enhanced look to the butt.

Buttocks Reshaping Recovery and Downtime

The recovery time varies per patient and depends on the size of the treatment areas and if liposuction was performed by the surgeon.

After either treatment, patients will need at least 2 to 3 weeks off work as they will not be able to directly sit on the buttocks during this time period. The treatment area will be bruised and sore, as well as swollen, but pain medication can be used to lessen any discomfort. A compression garment will be worn 24 hours a day for 2 to 4 weeks after buttocks reshaping. The compression garment is worn to minimize swelling and keep the area constricted during the recovery period. If for any reason the patient needs to sit for short periods of time, a rolled-up towel should be placed under the thighs to help relieve the pressure. Most of the swelling will subside over the first few weeks after surgery. However, residual swelling can last for several months after the surgery.

Depending on the amount of liposuction performed on the body of the patient, drainage tubes might be placed in the incision site to help remove excess fluid from the body.

Before and after buttock reshapingButtocks Reshaping Results

Once the buttocks reshaping procedure using fat grafting is performed, the patient will likely see an improvement in both the area where the liposuction was performed and the overall shape of the buttocks. After three months, the final results are more apparent as the swelling starts slowing down. The body retains about 60-70% of the fat that is transferred. The surviving grafted fat becomes permanent and act like typical fat cells within the body. The results are long lasting and there is no need for a second procedure.

The results of butt implants are immediately noticeable and permanent. Patients need to know that weight fluctuations can decrease or increase the volume of the buttocks and could void the results of the procedure. Patients should maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen to preserve the results.

Buttocks Reshaping Risks

There are multiple risks associated with buttocks reshaping and they include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Numbness or changes in sensation
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Fat embolism
  • Asymmetry of the results
  • Lumps or waviness in the appearance of the results
  • Implant shifting or flipping

Buttocks Reshaping – Consult a Doctor

During a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor, the surgeon will examine the patient and make sure the person is healthy enough to undergo either type of buttocks reshaping procedures. The doctor will also discuss the desired results with the patient in order to set realistic expectations for the final results.

Patients should make sure the doctor is experienced in placing butt implants in the body as well as performing fat grafting. They should also ask to see “before and after” photos of actual patients treated by the surgeon. Buttocks reshaping provides volume and a shapelier form to the butt and should only be performed by an experienced surgeon.


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