Safety of BBL
Are Brazilian Butt Lifts Safe?
September 22, 2017
Brazilian butt lift recovery process
BBL Recovery Process
November 13, 2017

Surprising BBL Facts

Surprises of BBL

Butt augmentation is refusing to take a “back seat” to other cosmetic procedures. In fact, the Brazilian butt lift or BBL has been showing an increase in popularity over the past few years. A Brazilian butt lift is designed to create a curvier buttocks and/or hip area without using implants. While implants are still desired by some patients, many surgeons are moving toward the BBL procedure since there are less complications and it provides more natural results. A BBL can provide more volume right where patients want it.

Surprises of BBLRead on to discover some surprising facts about BBL:

A Two for One Special

While a Brazilian butt lift can enhance the buttocks, it is not really a “lift” at all. A BBL involves removing unwanted fat via liposuction from another area of the body and injecting it into the butt cheeks. Since it is the patient’s own fat, there is less chance of an infection or that the body will reject it. The new fat adds volume to the cheeks while providing a lifted, rejuvenated buttock. Patients get to slim down one or more areas of the body and gain a bigger booty at the same time.

Weight Gain may be Necessary

Since a BBL involves taking fat from one area and transferring it to another, some patients may need to gain a little weight prior to surgery. Why? Thin patients may not have enough viable fat to safely remove without gaining weight. Furthermore, surgeons often inject a little more than what is needed since a portion of the transferred fat will not survive the process. It will be naturally excreted from the body over the first 6 weeks. Liposuction for a BBL can be performed in several areas including the abdomen, back, hips and flanks.

Shape Matters

The Brazilian butt lift allows for plenty of control regarding the contour or shape of the buttocks. The surgeon can inject the fat anywhere on the backside to regulate the shape of the cheeks and hips. This means that the contour can provide a bubble or heart shape as opposed to implants that can only impact the appearance of the upper cheeks.

No Sitting on the Butt

Recovery after a BBL can take about 2-3 weeks. During this time, patients should not sit on their butt for any extended period. Sitting on the newly injected fat can cause the fat to shift or even cause tissue death. The new fat must get an adequate blood flow and become incorporated into the surrounding area before sitting on it and applying pressure. However, a boppy pillow or cushion may be used to “sit” for short periods after the first week. The cushion can be placed under the posterior thighs and used to keep the pressure off the buttocks.


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