Fat Grafting

By contouring the body through liposuction and fat grafting, Brazilian butt lift (BBL) provides a significant change in the appearance of the booty that many women find desirable. It has become a popular surgery for many patients over the last decade. However, it is always best to know how to properly recover from the surgery and maintain the results of the procedure to ensure the best (and healthiest) results!

Listen to Your Doctor after a BBL

The best thing you can do for yourself is to always keep up with your doctor’s appointments and recommendations. Doing this after your BBL procedure will help guarantee the safest outcome for yourself. In this article, we will learn the benefits of a BBL, how to avoid compromising your results, how to enhance your results and how to make lifestyle changes that will help your results.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Benefits

BBL BenefitsThere are many benefits to having a BBL surgery. Once the swelling and bruising goes away, you will begin to notice an improved contour in the areas of the body where liposuction was performed. The fat cells harvested during the liposuction will change the shape of your backside by increasing its size once the fat cells are purified and injected into the butt.

If you were previously self-conscious about your figure or the fact that you had a small booty, your confidence will grow along with your new appearance! After surgery, you can experiment with new clothing styles and waltz into new social circles with confidence and ease.

Improved Self-Image after a BBL

This new, increased confidence will spill over into multiple aspects of your life including personal relationships, your career and even your diet habits. Many people use a BBL surgery as a way to begin a new era of healthy living and sustained confidence for themselves.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Possible Complications

While a BBL is a serious and complex medical operation, it is nowhere near as invasive as many other body augmentation operations. This is especially true considering you use fat from your own body rather than a filler or butt implant for this procedure. In general, the body is less likely to reject its own tissue. Data compiled from over 4000 patients, between 1992 and 2017, shows a complication rate of 31.4% with buttocks implants rather than the 6.8% with fat transfer operations.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Period

Around six months post-surgery, your final results will begin to take shape. Once this happens, the doctor can recommend any revisions or additional surgeries. Do not worry about the possibility of having additional procedures as touch-up procedures are a regular and safe occurrence that will help you achieve greater satisfaction with your final results. For example, an option available to you is getting a butt lift and thigh lift to tighten any sagging skin that is not addressed by the BBL.

During the two weeks directly after your BBL surgery, you should be wearing compression garments as well as avoid sitting directly on your butt for the maximum protection of your results. After these two weeks pass, you can start driving again by sitting on a specially designed, doctor recommended cushion.

Be sure to keep track of any and all follow-up appointments with the doctor. Butt augmentation may seem like a simple and easy surgical procedure, but it has been proven again and again that maintaining the results of your BBL takes practicing a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

Brazilian Butt Lift Results

While it is true that our bodies naturally change over time, the results of a BBL are meant to be long-lasting. The areas of your body that went through liposuction will not regrow the removed fat cells. The transferred fat will remain in its new location in the body once it is injected into the booty.

It should also be noted that significant fluctuations in your body weight can impact the look of the results of your BBL. Patients are advised to maintain a steady weight after undergoing the surgery. Once you are medically cleared for physical activities post-surgery, living a balanced and healthy lifestyle will help to maintain the results as well as increase the overall confidence you receive after undergoing a BBL.

Most medical experts agree that the vast majority of patients are satisfied with their BBL results. Before deciding on having the surgery, take all the time you need to properly educate yourself about the pros and cons that come with it. You should also schedule a consultation appointment with a doctor that is experienced in providing changes to the butt through a Brazilian butt lift. The doctor can examine your body to make sure you have enough excess fat to transfer to the butt and that you are in good enough overall health to have the surgical procedure.  The combination of following the provided recovery steps, visiting an experienced surgeon, and maintaining a positive attitude will turn you into another satisfied patient!

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