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As the holidays approach, will there continue to be an increase in the number of bigger butts seen in public this year? According to a report from Bloomberg, a specific cosmetic procedure has grown in popularity during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Bloomberg reported on data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that was released earlier this year. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported the performance of butt implant surgery rose by 22% in the last year.

Butt Implant Surgery Explained

Buttock implantsA butt implant surgery is when an implant is placed in the butt by an experienced surgeon. The final result is a look to the butt that has a greater size and an increased contour. In general, the placement of butt implants gives the butt a greater volume than the results from a butt lift.

While the performance of butt implants grew over the last year, there were a number of cosmetic procedures that saw their total number decrease in the past year. These procedures include Botox, fillers, and the placement of breast implants. Another cosmetic procedure that fell in the past year is augmentation via fat grafting. This is an additional method for making the butt bigger (Brazilian butt lift or BBL) but it is not as popular as butt implants.

In an online interview, Ava Shamban, a Los Angeles-based dermatologist, said “Presumably, seeing the higher, tighter rounder assets on social media or any number of reality distractions, had patients researching and ultimately scheduling procedures to give their bottom line a much-needed boost.”

Shamban added that the modern-day “secretary spread” (or a general flattening of the buttocks) might have had an influence in the growth in popularity of butt implants. Many people sat around in the past year as they worked from home and might not have been as active as in the past due to shelter in place orders. The lack of getting out and going to the office might have contributed to the flat look many people have with their buttocks. Because of the flatter look to the butt, some people made the decision to correct this issue with cosmetic surgery.

Butt Lift Explained

Butt Augmentation with ImplantsThere are multiple options when it comes to a butt lift, and they include:

  • An upper butt lift is when an incision is made across the top of the contour of the buttock
  • A butterfly butt lift is when an incision is made in the central crease of the butt that goes upward and outward
  • A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is where excess fat is placed in the buttocks to provide a greater size and shape to the butt
  • The surgeon can make a lateral incision on either buttock
  • The surgeon can remove excess tissue from the bottom section of the butt

Out of the options listed above, one of the most popular is the Brazilian butt lift. A BBL is a butt lift procedure that uses fat from the body of the patient to increase the size of the butt. The excess fat is removed through the use of liposuction as a small incision is made in the targeted area of the body so a cannula can be inserted into the layers of fat in the body. The surgeon injects a solution containing saline, lidocaine and epinephrine that works to break up the fat cells (along with the motion of the cannula). The fat that is removed from the body is then processed and purified before it is placed back in the body of the patient, The processed and purified fat is injected into the buttocks to give it a larger size and greater curves.

The results from a butt lift and a Brazilian butt lift are both long-lasting and they can even be considered to be permanent if the patient maintains a stable weight and also follows the post-op instructions provided by the surgeon.

Butt Augmentation – Next Steps

Patients who are interested in undergoing any type of butt augmentation surgery are advised to schedule a consultation appointment with a doctor who is a board-certified surgeon that is experienced in providing long-lasting results that are natural in appearance. The surgeon can examine the body of the patient to determine the current condition of the buttocks as well as the type of results desired by the patient. The doctor will need to set realistic expectations for the patient so the person who is desiring a greater shape or size to the butt will not be disappointed by the appearance of the final results. Once the doctor and the patient are in agreement about the final results, the butt augmentation procedure can be performed.

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