Buttock augmentation has continued to grow in popularity over the past decade as patients seek out cosmetic surgery techniques that will augment and enhance the look and size of the buttocks. Thanks to celebrities that show off their backside on red carpet events, as well as during their daily lives, the desire to get a larger booty through buttock augmentation has continued to increase among the public. When it comes to having buttock augmentation performed to obtain a larger butt, patients have multiple choices to achieve their desired results. The method picked by the person depends on the amount of buttock enhancement the person wants to enjoy when it comes to the size and shape of the booty.

Buttock Augmentation Procedures

Some patients lose volume in their buttocks as they get older which makes them an ideal candidate for buttock augmentation. Other ideal candidates include people that have a buttock area that is naturally small in size. Once patients decide to undergo a buttock augmentation procedure, here are some of their most popular choices:

  • Buttock augmentation proceduresButt Lift – A buttock augmentation method that is performed to give a person an enhanced look to buttocks that are considered to be saggy or droopy. The procedure begins when the surgeon makes an incision in the upper curve of the buttocks AKA the area that runs along the bikini line. The doctor will then remove any excess tissue before performing a liposuction procedure. Liposuction is performed in order to remove any excess fat so it is easier to sculpt the buttocks.
  • Butt Implants – In order for butt implants to be placed in the buttocks, the surgeon makes incisions along the natural curves of the butt. In general, this is the area of the body where the cheeks meet at the top portion of the thighs. A pocket is then created under, or near, each of the gluteal muscles so silicone implants can be placed in the pockets to provide the desired augmentation. The incisions are then closed with sutures to help keep the butt implants in place.
  • Fat Grafting – This buttock augmentation technique is also known as a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). The doctor makes tiny incisions in the targeted area on the body so liposuction can be performed to remove the targeted excess fat. The removed fat is then purified and processed so it can be injected back into the buttocks. Once the fat is injected back into the buttocks of the patient, it is sculpted by the cosmetic surgeon to make sure the final results are natural and symmetrical in appearance.
  • Thighplasty – This is a procedure that is also known as thigh lift surgery. Thighplasty is performed to provide patients with a better contour and tightness to the thighs. The final results are thighs that have a better definition to them because they are no longer saggy in their appearance. Excess tissue and skin is removed to eliminate the appearance of saggy thighs. Liposuction can also be performed to eliminate excess fat on the thighs.
  • Non-Invasive Butt Lift – Patients have a number of options when it comes to non-invasive butt lift. Ulthera is when ultrasound gel is placed on the targeted area. The Ulthera device is placed against the skin to make it easier for the ultrasound energy to be delivered to the area that is targeted for the butt lift. Sculptra is when filler is injected directly into the area designated for the butt lift in order to provide the desired results.

The buttock augmentation procedures listed above create a backside that is refreshed and rejuvenated in its appearance thanks to the enhanced contour of the area provided by the removal of excess tissue, fat and skin.

Buttock Augmentation Consultation

Buttock augmentation consultation with doctorBefore making the final decision to undergo buttock augmentation, patients need to schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor that is experienced in performing any of the techniques listed above. The doctor will discuss the desired final results with the patient in order to determine the reasons why the patient wants to undergo buttock augmentation. It is important that patients want to have buttock augmentation performed because they want the desired results to improve their own self-image and not because someone else wants them to undergo the procedure.

Once the doctor determines the reasons for the buttock augmentation, a thorough physical examination will be performed to makes sure the patient is an ideal buttock augmentation candidate. Once the person passes the physical examination, the cosmetic surgeon will discuss the various buttock augmentation options available to the patient. The type of buttock augmentation procedure that is performed depends on the final results desired by the patient. In addition, some patients might not be open to the idea of having a surgical buttock augmentation procedure. If the person does not want to have a surgical procedure, that will help the doctor to determine the best buttock augmentation technique to achieve the desired final buttock augmentation enhancement on the booty of the patient.


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