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Butt Implants – Why They Grew in Popularity during the Pandemic

Butt Implants Popularity

The demand for many cosmetic procedures went down in 2020 due to the pandemic. However, new data is showing that the demand for butt implants is actually on the rise! A butt implant surgery is when a silicone-like implant is inserted into the gluteal muscle, through an incision in the buttock cheeks, to give the butt more volume than a basic butt lift.

Reasons why Butt Augmentation Grew in Popularity

How butt augmentation became popularWhen asked for an answer, dermatologist Ava Shamban says that it could be due to “modern-day ‘secretary spread’, or a general flattening of the buttocks”. This theory makes a lot of sense considering all anyone did was sit in their house for over a year. The majority of jobs came home with the public and required much more sitting than they did in the past. The fact that so many people spent the past year sitting in front of a computer could have actually flattened the buttocks much quicker than any natural reasons.

Some people chose to correct that problem with butt implant surgery. Matthew Schulman, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon who practices in New York City, attributes the popularity of butt implants to the “Kardashian Effect”. Many people are bowing to the ever-present pressure of social media that encourages the public to change the way they look to better match popular social standards. While being stuck at home for a year or more, everyone consumed much more social media than the already large amounts they did before lockdown.

Plus, social distancing allowed time for patients to initiate changes to their body with no one noticing while also offering plenty of recovery time in private. A butt implant procedure was no longer something hard to cover up. On Zoom calls, no one would ever see below the shoulders or waist. Therefore, many people took the opportunity to make changes to their body they had long considered in previous years. All of these factors combined to make the demand for butt implants rise greatly during the pandemic and lockdown.

When asked why there was a sudden increase in butt implant procedure demand, Dr. Shamban told one media outlet, “Presumably, seeing the higher, tighter, rounder assets on social media or any number of reality distractions, had patients researching and ultimately scheduling procedures to give their bottom line a much-needed boost.”

Butt Implant Surgery Examined

Butt implant surgery is a major invasive procedure. The patient is placed under general anesthesia and the surgeon makes an incision within the vertical butt crease in order to insert silicone implants. These implants are soft and malleable and mimic the texture of natural fat. The implants used for butt implantation are quite durable since patients will be sitting on them.

The surgery typically takes about two to three hours and results in two to three weeks away from work for the patient. A compression garment must be worn after surgery. Patients cannot sit directly on the implants for two to three weeks because direct pressure on the implants can cause them to shift out of the desired location. The only time the patient will be sitting is to use the restroom.

Butt Implant Surgery Results

The results of the buttock implant procedure are immediately visible. Over time, the post-surgical swelling will resolve and any incision lines will fade.

There are some risks to consider before having butt implants placed and they include excessive bleeding, pain, scarring, skin discoloration, infection, allergic reaction and skin loss. It is also possible for the implants to move or slip out of their original place which can leave the patient with an uneven appearance. Larger implants have higher rates of incisions that split open post-surgery and butt implants that shift around under the skin. By choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience and positive reviews, patients are more likely to have a safe experience that also achieves the desired results.

Butt Implants are On the Rise

Buttock implant procedures are on the rise in popularity but the procedure is not right for everyone. Patients might be a good candidate for butt implants if they feel their natural shape is too flat in appearance, they want to fight signs of aging (such as sagginess or flatness of the butt) or they have lost weight as well as some of the natural shape of their buttocks. Ideal candidates for the surgery do not smoke and lead an overall healthy lifestyle.

Patients that are interested in finding out more about the butt implant procedure process should schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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