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Buttocks Reshaping for a Better Backside
November 6, 2020
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Brazilian Butt Lift – Why a BBL is Performed
March 11, 2021

Non-Surgical Butt Lift with Sculptra Explained

Sculptra is a non surgical butt lift

In the past, it seemed like the only way to get a better shape and size to the buttocks was by having a surgical butt lift procedure. This is no longer the case as fillers have grown in popularity to add volume and a youthful appearance to many parts of the body. It seems like almost any area of the body can be augmented with injections and they are now being used on the backside of patients. Aging and weight loss, or just general dissatisfaction with the buttocks shape and size, can be the reasons someone wants to have a butt lift procedure to improve its appearance. A non-surgical butt lift is an option worth considering as it is much less invasive and has minimal downtime unlike a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure.

Injectable Butt Lift with Sculptra Examined

An injectable butt lift consists of filler that induces collagen to grow around it in order to trigger an inflammatory response. One of the most common fillers used for this procedure is Sculptra since it encourages the formation of scar tissue and fresh collagen while giving patients the desired amount of lift and a curvier, fuller look with very little pain during the procedure. The results can be seen immediately and will improve as the treated area heals and produces more collagen in the patient. The procedure is done in sessions, typically in 2 to 3 month increments, in order to achieve the best results.

Most doctors complete the procedure within a 30-minute appointment. There should be some caution taken by the patient after receiving the filler. While it is suggested to take it easy the day of the procedure, patients can return to normal activities within 1 to 2 days. Another benefit to this non-invasive procedure is the fact that patients will not experience scarring as they would with butt implants or a BBL. Results can take a few months to completely settle and the doctor will advise patients on when they can expect to see their full results.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift with Sculptra Consultation Appointment

Sculptra non surgical butt liftPeople that want to find out if they are a good candidate for a non-surgical butt lift with Sculptra should schedule a consultation appointment with an experienced cosmetic doctor. During the consultation, the doctor will perform an examination of the buttocks as well as discuss the desired results and the realistic results that can be expected with this treatment. It is important that the patient and doctor understand the overall expectations of the patient and if the results they want will be achievable. Some patients might require a more invasive (surgical) procedure in order to get the desired results. The procedure is typically recommended for people who are healthy and in good physical shape as this helps with the healing process. Most patients who have bleeding problems will likely not be good candidates for an injectable butt lift procedure. The doctor should also go over any possible complications that can arise from this non-surgical butt lift option so that the patient is well aware of the risks.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift with Sculptra Risks

While this procedure is considered to be non-invasive, it does come with its own risks:

  • Patients can expect to experience some soreness in the surrounding areas of the injection site but this soreness typically goes away within a week.
  • A key piece of information to know is that Sculptra is an injectable that does not dissolve like many other types of filler. There have been some cases of people experiencing lumps in their buttocks many years after the treatment. While this problem can resolve on its own, there have been instances where corrective surgery is required. This is typically not an ideal situation for most patients as they likely had a non-surgical butt lift in order to avoid having an invasive procedure.
  • Like many other injectable procedures, there is also a risk of infection.
  • Although it is not common, there is a slight chance that the filler winds up being injected into the blood vessels which can cause damage to the skin.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift with Sculptra Cost

Costs can vary for this procedure and generally depends on the amount of filler that is used by the doctor to achieve the desired results. Patients can expect to pay between $5000 and $7000 for a non-surgical butt lift with Sculptra. Since this is considered to be an elective procedure that is not medically necessary, it likely will not be covered by health insurance and the patient will end up having to pay for the costs out of pocket.

As with any procedure, it is recommended that the patient do proper research and determine the pros and cons of undergoing the desired cosmetic procedure. While non-invasive butt lift with Sculptra can provide a greater contour and shape to the buttocks, it is important for patients to make sure this is the ideal treatment to provide the desired final results.

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