Butt Augmentation

Different Buttock Shapes

With iconic figures shaking their booties and spotlighting their behinds on social media, most people are aware that butts come in different sizes. Bigger is usually better in the eyes of the public. In fact, bigger booties are all the rage lately. However, size isn’t the only attribute to the derriere. According to Dr. Matthew Schulman, a New York plastic surgeon, there are several different shapes as well.

Dr. Schulman has performed over 50,000 butt examinations on patients from 35 different countries. His evaluation of the backside is based on two main aspects giving the bottom its shape. The two aspects are the silhouette and size of the pelvis as well as how much fat is on the cheeks of a person.

Based on Dr. Schulman’s observations, there are five common shapes for the caboose:

  1. Round

Big booties are often seen as a size but it can also be categorized as a shape…round! A round booty has a certain gravity-defying quality which can’t be mistaken for just any other bigger bottom. Celebrity icons such as Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez have what Dr. Schulman classifies as a round booty.

  1. RoundSquare

A square shaped buttock happens to be the most commonly seen shape and this is especially true with younger women. A square buttock is where the hips and the pelvis are the same width. This fact results in the booty having a very boxy appearance. If a person is not a fan of being a “square pants”, she might want to consider beefing up her backside!

  1. RoundV-Shaped

People with V-shaped buttocks are easy to spot because they have wide shoulders and narrower hips. Therefore, the backside is angled into a tapered “v” shape. People with a v-shape behind can build up the gluteus muscle by doing squats with weights to develop a shapelier bottom.

  1. RoundA-Shaped

A-shaped is essentially the opposite of the V-shaped buttocks. With an A-shape, a person will have wide hips and this usually means they will have a wider butt as well. In general, this means their backside resembles the shape of a capital letter “A” from behind.

  1. RoundUpside Down Heart

An upside down heart shape appears flatter at the top while the cheeks are fuller near the bottom. This shape finds the buttock and hips to be relatively round but there is more volume to be found at the outer-lower portion of the buttock. It’s a natural looking shape that is commonly seen on bikini models.

No matter what shape the butt is on a person, she can choose to rock it, accept it or change it. The booty is essentially comprised of muscle and fat. For that reason, a person can always build bigger muscle or trim off the fat. It’s also easy to get some advice when dealing with the booty. Patients should schedule a consultation appointment with a cosmetic surgeon about a BBL or butt augmentation in order to gain the shape and size backside they ultimately want.

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