Butt Implants

Buttock augmentation has continued to grow in popularity over the past few years as more people seek to enhance and augment the look of their buttocks. The desire to obtain a larger backside has increased in popularity thanks to celebrities showing off their results from buttock augmentation procedures. They spotlight their augmented backsides on the red carpet or while they are performing in front of thousands of people. When it is time to undergo a buttock augmentation procedure, patients have multiple choices to achieve their desired results. The buttock augmentation technique performed by the surgeon depends on the amount of buttock augmentation patients wants to achieve after their procedure.

Buttock Augmentation Procedures

Butt Augmentation proceduresWhen it comes to buttock augmentation, patients that have lost volume in their buttocks due to the aging process are ideal candidates. People that have a backside that is naturally smaller in size and appearance are also good candidates. When it is time for a patient to have buttock augmentation, here are the most common choices:

  • Butt lift – A butt lift is performed in order to augment the look of buttocks that are considered to be droopy or saggy on a patient. The cosmetic surgeon will make an incision that is located in the upper curve of the buttocks AKA the area that runs along the bikini line. Once the incision is made, the doctor removes excess tissue in the area before performing liposuction that removes excess fat. Once the excess fat and tissue is removed, the doctor can sculpt the buttocks to create a better contour.
  • Butt implants – Incisions are made by the cosmetic surgeon along the natural curves of the butt. This is the part of the body where the cheeks meet at the top portion of the thighs. Once the incisions are made, the surgeon creates a pocket located under, or near, each of the gluteal muscles. After the pocket is created in that area, silicone butt implants are placed in the pockets and the procedure is completed by closing the incisions with sutures.
  • Fat grafting – When fat grafting is performed for buttock augmentation, it is often referred to as a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). The fat grafting process starts when the doctor creates tiny incisions in the designated area on the body. Once the tiny incisions are made, a cannula is placed in the incisions so liposuction can be performed to remove excess fat. The excess fat that is removed is then processed and purified. Once the fat is purified, it is injected back into the body of the patient in the buttocks. The injected fat is then sculpted by the surgeon to make sure the final results are contoured and natural in appearance.
  • Thighplasty – Thighplasty is also known as thigh lift surgery and it gives patients a greater tightness to the treated area along with a greater contour to the thighs. The final results are thighs that no longer saggy in appearance and an overall better overall definition to the thighs. The surgeon removes excess skin and tissue to get rid of the saggy thigh appearance. Liposuction can also be performed to eliminate excess fat on the thighs.
  • Non-invasive butt lift – Non-invasive butt lift can be performed using Ulthera which is an ultrasound gel that is placed on the targeted area. The Ulthera device is also placed against the skin so it is easier for the ultrasound energy to be delivered to the area targeted for the butt lift. Sculptra is a procedure where filler is directly injected into the designated area in order to produce the desired results.

The final result of these buttock augmentation procedures is a booty that is rejuvenated and youthful in appearance thanks to a greater contour of the booty achieved by the elimination of excess tissue, fat and skin.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment with a Board-Certified Buttock Augmentation Surgeon

Consultation for buttock augmentationThe first step in undergoing buttock augmentation surgery is scheduling a consultation appointment with a board-certified doctor experienced in performing butt augmentation procedures. The doctor will discuss the desired final results with the patient as well as the reasons the person wants to undergo buttock augmentation. It is important to makes sure the patient is having buttock augmentation surgery because of a personal wish to have greater volume and contour to the backside instead of having a buttock augmentation procedure to make someone else happy.

The doctor will also perform a physical examination of the person to make sure the patient is in good physical health and is an ideal candidate for buttock augmentation. Once it is determined that the patient is an ideal candidate, the cosmetic surgeon will go through the various buttock augmentation options available to the patient. Some patients want to undergo a surgical buttock augmentation while others want to achieve a more contoured backside without having invasive surgery. The final decision regarding the best buttock augmentation procedure to perform depends on the total amount of augmentation and enhancement desired by the patient.


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