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Top 10 Countries Boosting With Butt Lifts

Top Countries Boosting with Butt Lifts

Top Countries Boosting with Butt LiftsMen and women alike are consulting with cosmetic surgeons on a daily basis to suck it out, lift it up, fill it up and create a tighter body. Strange as it may seem, some are willing to liposuction the fat from one area and implant some type of fluid in another. Take butt lifts for example! Many people want the fat sucked out while others want a larger and more rounded derriere. In fact, buttock augmentation was the 11th most popular plastic surgery performed in 2013. So, what are the top 10 Countries Boosting with Butt Lifts?

#10 Iran

In 2013, Iran reported that 697 patients had butt augmentations. Iran is known for their dark haired beauties with their olive colored skin tones. Although 697 butt lifts may seem like a large number, it was nothing compared to the amount of Rhinoplasty surgeries which Iran totaled in 2013. Want to know how many nose jobs there were that year? Iran busted out the nose jobs at 37,423 that same year.

#9 Italy

Fiery tempers are not the only thing Italians are notorious for. They are also known for their shapely hips putting them at number nine on the list. There were 1552 butt augmentations performed in Italy which equals out to be 1 in 39,000 people. However, Italy did have more lipoplasty and eyelid resculpting that year in case you were wondering what their preference happens to be.

#8 Germany

Not only did Germany make the top 10 for butt lifts in 2013, they also made the top 10 for breast augmentation and penile enlargements. Go Germany! In total, 1894 people in Germany set aside their Lederhosen and lifted their derriere for a more rounded appearance.

#7 Spain

There are many regions in Spain where the summers are long and warm. Therefore, Spanish folk have no problem showing off their sun kissed bodies while basking on the warm sands. Thus, Spain was number 7 on the list with 3994 booty jobs performed in order to make them feel more voluptuous than they already are. Nonetheless, butt augmentations were not the highest desire procedure in Spain. Breast augmentations and liposuction were the primary preferences for this country.

#6 Argentina

Argentina reels in tourism each year but now they have discovered brand new bait. Argentina has a growing field of cosmetic surgeons who perform plastic surgery at a cheaper price than many other countries. Therefore, people from all over the world come to this country for their butt augmentations. In 2013, Argentina recorded that 4,126 people received a boosted buttocks but that still wasn’t their biggest cosmetic commodity. What was their biggest? The boob job, liposuction and then the tummy tuck.

#5 Venezuela

Venezuela was responsible for 10,090 butt implants in 2013. That’s a lot of lift! However, for Venezuelan women, their physical appearance is an extreme priority for their culture. Wearing revealing clothing and bragging about the work they had done is all part of the life of the women in this country even in their daily work environment.

#4 United States

The USA came in 4th on the list with 11,959 buttock enhancements. However, that may not be a surprise to some if they knew what the USA spent on other cosmetic procedures. What procedures did the USA excel in? The majority of Americans spent their funds on boob jobs and liposuction.

#3 Columbia

Did you know that Columbia has a high unemployment rate? So, how did they make it toward the top of the list? Although some people are wealthy and can afford plastic surgery with ease, a larger population of Columbians saved for years to gain the implanted derriere they have always wanted. In fact, 21,546 butt implants were done in 2013.

#2 Mexico

Like traveling? Mexico seems to be the place to go to acquire a new booty or to show one off. Plastic surgery is far cheaper in Mexico than America or Canada. In 2013, Mexico provided 37,734 booty shaking butt enhancements making them number 2 on the list.

#1 Brazil

Who’s the winner of the Top 10 Countries? Brazil! This country boosted 63,925 butts in 2013. It may not come as a surprise to many people that Brazil was number one. After all, their culture is completely image driven much like Venezuela and Columbia.

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