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Why Is It Better To Have A Big Butt?

Bigger Butt is Better?

Bigger Butt is Better?

Although many women prefer to maintain an hourglass figure, there has been a considerable push towards having “more junk in the trunk.” Bigger butts are gaining recognition thanks to reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian and singers such as Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor. The trend to bring the booty back has inspired women everywhere to undergo augmentation. However, having a well-rounded booty isn’t just for looks. Do you know why it’s better to have a big butt?

1. Bigger butts are more attractive on so many levels

According to some evolutionary psychologists, men are drawn to women with larger derrières. Studies suggest that men may be attracted to women with larger backsides and roomier hips due to the evolutionary way of thinking that their offspring will be healthy and intelligent. In 2010, the University of Oxford concluded a study which proved that women with bigger butts birthed healthier children due to the high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids stored in high quantities in larger cheeks. Plus, a bigger butt enhances the curve of the spine which allows women to appear curvier and more attractive.

2. Excess fat on the backside is actually healthy

Excess fat on the booty is relatively harmless unlike an abundance of fatty tissue in the abdomen. Excess fat on the stomach is white fat and can affect the neighboring organs while leading to high blood pressure and disease. However, excess fat on the cheeks is yellow fat and is considered benevolent. Omega 3 fatty acids have many health benefits including lower levels of LDL cholesterol and type-2 diabetes. People with an abundance of Omega 3 are more resistant to chronic illnesses and have a tendency to produce more hormones to metabolize sugar.

3. Intellect and empathy comes with bigger butts

There may be a connection with having superior empathy and bigger curves. The curves that develop during puberty might be the key to being in tune with the feelings of others. In addition, studies suggest that women with bigger butts are more intellectual than women with smaller booties. Once more, the trigger for advanced brain development and functionality was due to a larger amount of Omega 3 fatty acids in women with bigger butts.

4. Fight hunger with a bigger butt

Although it might sound strange, having a bigger booty can help you fight hunger. If you are too busy working to stop for lunch or stuck in a position where you must skip a meal, the fat stored in a well-rounded booty will keep your hunger at bay. In other words, you will not feel as hungry as someone who doesn’t have much cushion in the rear.

5. Added support for the spine

While bigger breasts can cause a strain on the spine, a bigger booty can actually support the spine. A large booty helps lengthen the hip flexors and maintain alignment which promotes proper posture. Proper posture can alleviate back pain that leads to a whole world of muscular and functional issues. In addition, a bigger butt can help you stay balanced during pregnancy as the weight of the baby belly can put an incredible strain on the spine.

6. Provides superior brain development

High levels of Omega 3 located in a mother’s buttock, thighs and other areas actually accounts for the development of a baby’s brain. Therefore, having roomier hips and a bigger backside can provide the baby with a superior intellect.


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