Butt Augmentation BeneftisA few years ago, women strived to get a slender appearance like a model. Nowadays, having a thin hourglass shape is still desired among most people as long as a well-rounded booty trails behind. Celebrities such as Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez have made their bigger butts well-known in the media. Women all over the world are trying to beef up their booties in one way or another to take advantage of the benefits of butt augmentation:

The Brazilian Butt Lift

Although working out the gluteal muscles are ideal, many people struggle with slimming down portions of their body while trying to bulk up the booty area. However, the Brazilian Butt Lift can provide the benefits of both. Stubborn fat can be removed from several areas of the body including the abdomen, hips and back via liposuction. It is then carefully processed, purified and injected into the derriere! Since the transferred fat comes from the patient’s own body, it is the safest method of getting a butt augmentation. The risk of infection, rejection and seroma is much lower with a Brazilian Butt Lift than putting a foreign object in the body. In addition, the injected fat looks and feels more natural than implants do. The procedure takes approximately 2-3 hours and the results are immediate. However, a percentage of fat might be rejected and passed through the urine within six weeks after the procedure so a follow-up procedure might be needed in order to maintain symmetry. On the plus side, the recovery time is much quicker than other methods of butt augmentation.

Butt Implants

Butt augmentation via implants is still a very popular procedure which gives patients great results. Many people turn to butt implants when they simply do not have enough fat on their body to do a fat transfer but wish to have a bigger bottom. This procedure takes between 2-3 hours and is not considered a surgical procedure. With butt implants, an incision is either made between the cheeks of the buttock or where the cheek meets the back of the thigh. The surgeon creates a pocket and a silicone implant is inserted. Then, the pocket and incision is sutured closed. Although patients can return to low-intensity work after a few days, full recovery may take several months due to the fact that butt implants are more invasive than a fat transfer. However, patients with butt implants can benefit from a more prominent volume increase than fat transfers. After all, there is only so much fat which can be transferred. Unlike fat injections, the volume of butt implants is unwavering. Furthermore, implants are a safe and effective way of getting a more dramatic improvement in contour and can be coupled with fat injections to create a smooth and natural look.

No matter which method a patient prefers, butt augmentation can be beneficial to anyone desiring a bigger butt or to simply build a better silhouette with someone who is lacking proportion. Butt enhancement is not just for women as many men also benefit from bulking up their butts as well. A board-certified surgeon can decide which procedure is best for a patient.

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July 13, 2016
Butt Augmentation Beneftis

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