Butt AugmentationBuilding a bigger booty is becoming more sought after than ever before. Celebrities all around the world are showing off their well-rounded derrières in fashionable and revealing attire. Although some of these booties are naturally bountiful, there are others that are beautifully enhanced. Butt augmentation can give you a bigger, more rounded derrière. Since it is a cosmetic procedure, butt enhancements are not covered under insurance and can be quite costly. Unfortunately, many women want it so badly that they seek black-market procedures such as butt injections. These methods are extremely dangerous and can be life threatening. Don’t put your butt on the line before looking at this list of do’s and don’ts of butt augmentation.


When considering any procedure, the first step is to do a little research. Your cosmetic physician should be licensed in plastic surgery and have a medical degree. In addition, it is always a good idea to seek a board-certified doctor who specializes in butt augmentation. A board-certified doctor has completed extensive training and testing. Making sure that your doctor is properly trained and licensed can help provide a safe and successful procedure.


Bargain practitioners usually lack proper training and may perform illegal or unsafe procedures. Many of them use unsterilized equipment or dangerous chemicals to give you what you want at a lower cost. This can put you at high risk for infections, complications or unsightly results. It is important to understand that there are only a few FDA-approved techniques which are safe for enhancing the booty. Talk to your surgeon about financing because some doctors offer payment plans or other means of assistance.


Choose an FDA-approved method such as Autologous fat transfer or Gluteal implants. Autologous fat transfer, otherwise known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, is the safest technique for enhancing the buttock. The surgeon removes some fat from the patient’s own body via liposuction and injects the harvested fat into the buttock. The doctor will then form the fat to create a natural, round look. Since the procedure uses the patient’s own fat, there is a low risk of complications. However, to do a fat transfer, the patient should be at least 20 pounds heavier than their ideal weight to ensure there is enough fat to be harvested.

Although gluteal implants are less commonly used, they are still a safe means for building a bigger booty. Gluteal implants are generally used when a fat transfer is not possible. With this method, the surgeon makes an incision in the fold between the cheeks. Silicone implants are then inserted under the gluteus muscle.


The silicone used with gluteal implants is contained within a structure which makes it safe to insert into the body. Silicone injections are not approved by the FDA. Therefore, the silicone used during these procedures is generally industrial-grade or household products. These products are not safe to use in humans and should be avoided. Complications after silicone injections are widespread due to the fact that the silicone can migrate to other parts of the body causing systemic infections and, possibly, death.


After the procedure, you will leave the office with post-surgery instructions. Be sure to follow all instructions and restrictions. Patients will be instructed to avoid sitting or putting pressure on the buttock for a lengthy amount of time in order to minimize complications. The patient will also be instructed to maintain all follow-up visits during the recovery period.


Don’t skip your follow-up appointments. It is important to keep all appointments as your physician will be evaluating your healing process and can watch out for any complications which might arise.

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