How to sleep and sit after butt augmentationDuring butt augmentation recovery, you need plenty of rest and will be restricted from certain activities. However, butt augmentation has bigger restrictions on the way a patient should rest. Unlike other surgical procedures, patients should avoid sitting on their butt for the first 2-3 weeks. This is true for both butt implants and the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) because the implants and/or injected fat must have time to settle into place. Putting pressure on the buttocks after butt augmentation can cause the implants or tissue to shift and impact the shape and volume of the results. Furthermore, the fat which is grafted into the buttocks during a BBL must have adequate time to integrate with the rest of the tissue and receive vascularization (develop or extend blood vessels) or the injected fat will not survive. Therefore, you must learn how to properly sit after butt augmentation to gain a successful outcome.

Sitting after Butt Augmentation

While sitting should be avoided whenever possible for the first few weeks, you can carefully sit for a few minutes at a time if necessary. When sitting, it is recommended for patients to roll a thick towel and place it under both knees while another rolled towel is positioned behind the back. This will help you to sit without putting pressure on the buttocks since your butt should not be able to touch the seat. Driving should be avoided for approximately 6 weeks after the procedure. However, if you must drive for short distances, use the towels.

Depending on your job requirements, you can return to work approximately 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. You should still avoid sitting for long periods of time so use a soft cushion or boppy pillow to help ease the discomfort. Boppy pillows are not recommended by some surgeons until after 3 weeks since the pillow can still cause some pressure in certain regions of the buttocks. After 4 or 5 weeks, patients should continue to use a boppy pillow when sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Going To the Bathroom

After butt enhancement surgery, you will need to wear a compression garment for up to 3 weeks. The garment will be worn 24 hours a day except when showering. Therefore, the best compression garment is the type that can be unfastened at the bottom since this will make restroom management easier. Since sitting is not recommended, it is best to use the squatting position as much as possible. Your surgeon will most likely recommend the use of stool softeners to help make the process faster and more comfortable. For easy cleansing, you can use unscented baby wipes but be sure to avoid the incision sites.

Resting after Butt Augmentation

During the recovery period, it is also not recommended for you to lie on your back. Laying on your back puts undue pressure on the newly augmented buttocks and can influence the results, negatively. Side sleeping may not be permitted for the first few weeks especially with implants, since it may cause a shifting of the implants. Therefore, you will spend most of your recovery period resting on your stomach. Being on your stomach can put a strain on your neck so prop yourself up with pillows at an angle to make yourself more comfortable. The surgeon will recommend short walks around the house as often as possible. Walking can help ease tension on the neck and body as well as help decrease swelling and increase blood circulation.


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