Considered one of the more popular procedures in certain years, the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a transfer of fat to provide a better shape and contour to the backside. This procedure is often performed as opposed to getting butt implants which carry a risk of infection. Everyone stores fat differently and their skeletal structure varies. The BBL is an elective procedure that is often performed as an option to correct this issue. A Brazilian butt lift aids in balancing proportions of the body, gives an hourglass shape to the body, minimizes the appearance of fat in areas of the body, fills-in an area where a greater volume is desired and it gives the backside an augmented look without the use of buttock implants.

Brazilian Butt Lift – First Steps

How to get Brazilian Butt LiftBefore proceeding with this procedure it is important that you consult with a surgeon and figure out if this is the route you want to follow in correcting your issues. You also need to be realistic in what you expect or want to achieve with the final results. Keep in mind that results vary per person so each final result will be different.  It is imperative that you consult with a board-certified surgeon as their work and results can be seen in many of their patients.

People that are dealing with sagging skin or considered too thin may not be able to go through with a BBL procedure. While the BBL fills out the targeted area, it doesn’t lift excess skin on the body. With the right surgeon, you could be directed to more relevant procedures for your needs such as a body lift surgery. With low body fat, it can be difficult for your surgeon to locate enough fat to transfer fat during your procedure. This is where a butt implant could be suggested as another option. This is all expected to be reviewed when consulting with the surgeon of your choice before scheduling a procedure.

Brazilian Butt Lift Ideal Candidates

After shaping the body, you can expect the BBL to boost your self-esteem. However, the BBL can’t help issues brought on by disorders and depression. Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental issue that causes those impacted by it to see themselves differently from others. They tend to believe that they have physical flaws and they need to fix their bodies. Because surgeons are not trained to diagnose psychological issues, this might go unnoticed until the surgeon discusses the reasons behind the desired procedure. For the patient, the decision to have the procedure can be a risk in terms of time, money and their health. This person is not an ideal candidate for the BBL procedure.

If you are planning on maintaining your weight, this may be a desirable option for you. Fluctuations in body weight can alter the end results of your BBL. When you consult with your surgeon and discuss the expected results of your procedure, fluctuated weight needs to be factored into the discussion. If you expect to become pregnant, or go through a weight loss procedure, you should wait before deciding to get a BBL.

When working with your surgeon, it is important that you aim for a more realistic outcome as opposed to looking towards celebrities for inspiration. Make sure that you carefully review the results of actual patients treated by your surgeon of choice. Make note of the fact that the BBL reshapes the backside and can also make it bigger. Do proper research and come to a concrete idea of what type of look you’re going for with the final results.

Brazilian Butt Lift Preparation

Preparations for the procedure should start as early as 3 weeks before the treatment date. If you smoke, it is recommended that you quit doing so before your procedure. Proper exercise and eating well is encouraged as the effects of these steps can make the recovery process much easier and quicker. Lab work will need to be done to ensure that everything is alright and there aren’t any underlying issues to put you at risk before having a BBL procedure. If there are any autoimmune diseases or genetic bleeding disorders present in your body, your surgeon will elect to offer up another option as the BBL may be too invasive for your body to handle.

For the right candidate, cosmetic surgery can provide satisfying results. If you’re physically healthy, financially able and mentally equipped to go through with a BBL procedure, this may be the best option for you. At the end of the day, only you can decide what is best for you and your body. With proper research and careful consideration, you will be able to make the most logical decision for your health. It is best for you to consider all sides of the decision and properly assess the reasons why a Brazilian butt lift procedure is the best option for you.

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March 11, 2021
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